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Thailand’s new International English Language center in the old capital of Ayutthaya.

Zenith is an English Language center catering for all the needs of the English Language and alsoThailand Japanese.Located in the beautiful location of Ayutthaya, it’s a great place to study or teach in. With the many temples and the chance of seeing an elephant walking down the steet everyone loves Ayutthaya.

The teachers at Zenith are Native English, Native Thai and Native Japanese and teach in our modern Language center and also out at Government schools in Ayutthaya and around the surrounding areas.

All of our team at Zenith are both Thai and foreign and have been in the education business for many years. We are all committed to giving 100% dedication to students of all ages and ability, and to give the students the right attitude for learning a foreign language. We have a dedicated team of teachers and friendly Thai staff.

The management is Thai but we have a Head Teacher who is Native English, who oversees the running of all courses and schools and is in constant contact with all of the teachers.

With over 17 Native English teachers, 6 Native Thai teachers, 4 Native Japanese teachers and around 7 Thai members of staff, Zenith is growing into a well established Educational center here in the Old Capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya.

With the amount of teachers and staff my main job is making sure every day every one is doing what they should be doing. The busiest time is Monday to Friday when all the full time teachers are out at schools teaching. Each day is different so I always have to know which school every teacher is teaching at and what level of students they are teaching.

I manage our center together with my Thai manageress, Khun Oh, we have been working together for just over 10 years now in Ayutthaya. As her English skills are at a high level we can both work well with every day problems without too many mistakes.


Zenith will be introducing an all new Mathematics tutoring course at our center.

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Zenith Study Program in the UK.

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